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  YoungJun Lee is a distinguished composer, pianist, conductor and businessman from South Korea. In 2019, He was awarded Vuk Kulenovic/Memorial Prize from Berklee Composition department for being one of the best composition students. He was also awarded to third prize in the second New Vision Composition Competition in instrumental category in New York. He is nominated as ‘THE MOST DISTINGUISHED MUSICIAN’ + SPECIAL MENTION in 2019 IBLA Grand Prize. He had an opportunity to participate in the masterclass or private instruction with George Lewis, Helmut Lachenmann, Irvine Arditti, Justin Dello Joio, Olivier Weber, Pierluigi Billone, Reinhard Fuchs, Philippe Leroux, Jan Jirasek, Ofer Ben-Amots, Alla Cohen, Marti Epstein, and Richard Carrick. His music has been premiered or read by renowned musicians such as Mivos String Quartet(US), Brasilia National Theater Orchestra, L’itinerarie(France), William Lang(Loadbang_US), Irvine Arditti(UK), Jack Quartet(String_US), PHACE ensemble(Austria) and New Thread Saxophone Quartet(US). He co-wrote the concerto for electronic instrument for Suzanne Ciani with Richard Carrick. Moreover, he has collaborated with choreographers in Boston Conservatory at Berklee for the Burn- Project(Roaming). His music has been performed and premiered widely in US, as well as Israel, France, Austria, South Korea and Germany. He is currently studying at Berklee College of Music with Professor Andrew List for composition, Genevieve Leclair for conducting and Dennis Leclaire for musicology. 






  작곡가 이영준은 1991년생으로 작곡가, 지휘자, 비즈니스맨으로 입지를 굳혀가고 있다. 서강대 경영학사 졸업, LG Fashion 에서 인사담당으로 근무하다 퇴직후 보스턴으로 넘어가 버클리음대 에서 작곡을 공부하고 있는 그는 버클리음대에서 2019 년에 가장 우수한 작곡과 학생에게 주 어지는 Vuk Kulnovic/Memorial 상을 수상하였다. 또한, 그는 이탈리아 소재의 IBLA GRAND PRIZE 위원회로부터 “가장 우수한 음악가 +SpecialMention”으로 2019년에 수상하였으며 제 2 회 New Vision Composition Competition 에서 3 등을 수상하였다. 

그는 Helmut Lachenmann, Phillippe Leroux, George Lewis, Irvine Arditti, Justin Dello Joio, Oliver Weber, Pierluigi Billone, Reinhard Fuchs, Jan Jirasek, Ofer Ben-Amots, Alla Cohen, Marti Epstein, 그리고 Richard Carrick 등 에게마스터클래스 등으로 협업한 바 있다. 그의 음악은, William Lang, Irvine Arditti, Mivos String Quartet, Brasilia National Theater orchestra, Jack Quartet, PHACE Ensemble, 그리고 New Thread Ensemble 에게 연주되었다. 또한 Richard Carrick 과 함께는전자음악으로 저명한 Suzanne Ciani 의 전자악기 Buchlar를 위한 협주곡을 공동작업하였으며, 보스턴음악원의안무가들과 함께 Burn-Project 를 작업하였다. 

그의 음악은 미국을 포함한 프랑스, 오스트리아, 대한민국, 독일 등에서 연주되었다. 현재 그는 버클리음대 Andrew List 에게 작곡을, Genevieve Leclair 에게 지휘를, Dennis Leclaire 에게는 음악학을 사사받고 있다. 

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