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List of

Chamber works

World through snail's eyes for pierrot ensemble + Percussion(2023)

Nō for Alto Saxophone, Cello and Piano(2023)

Revelation for String Quartet(2020)

Quarrel for Violin and Cello(2019)

Reminiscence of Childhood for Flute, 2 Percussions and Piano (2019)

Rafflesia for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (2019)

Red shoes for Pierrot Ensemble (2019)

Tsunami for Saxophone Quartet (2019)
Widow Maker for Violin and Piano (2018)

Haunted house under the sink for String Quartet (2018)


List of Solo

instrumental works

Thorn for Solo Vibraphone(2023)

Shin-Byeong for Solo Violin (2019)

The Criminal for Solo Trombone (2019)

"P" for Solo Cello (2019)

4 voices Fugue for Mr.B in Ab minor (2019)

voice Fugue in C (2018)

3 Part invention for piano (2018)

Carousel in Saint Petersburg - Minuet (2018)

Orchestral/Large Ensemble

List of Orchestral works

Rabbit hole (2023) - Fl. Ob. Cl. Sax. Tp. Tbn. Hp. 2 perc. Pno. Vl. Vla 1. Vla 2. Vcl. Db.

Abstract for Sinfonietta (2021)

Geworfenheit for Orchestra (2019)

List of Collaboration

List of collaboration


BRICKS(2023) / Forest(2023)

- Interdiscplinary pieces (fixed media / solo piano) for installation & landscape painting

   designed by architects

Concerto for Buchla (2019)

- Writing for Electronic instrument synthesized & designed by Suzanne Ciani

- Co-writing/collaboration with electronics

Burn Project - Roaming for dancers (2018)

- Collaboration with choreographers

Electronic / Electroacoustic

List of works

with electronics

l'orchestre for violin, viola, piano, fixed media and videography(2023)

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