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When I was writing this piece, I was really interested in the pattern that I found out in quarrel. Between lovers or any type of two people, argument or quarrel started with very small topics. When quarreling gets intense, people started yelling each other and started to become absurd. They brought many different topics from the past that are not even related to the topic of quarrel. The more they argue, the more they started not listening to each other.
Most of the time, one of the person leaves the conversation because he or she found out that it doesn't make any sense to continue conversation.
This piece doesn't contain specific contents of conversation. Instead, it is more focused on the format or pattern of quarreling.

Piece Information

Violin & Cello



5 minutes


Berklee Composition Department

Tremolo Center, Netanya, Israel

Premiered Location


Ensemble L'Itineraire

Dec 31, 2019

Premiere Date


Performance / Rehearsal Photos

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